Brief summary of Transcendence progress. Community involvement results, XBTX trading, Telos as best performing masternode coin & more

Two weeks ago it was announced that TELOS 2.0 was up and running. We remind you that this is a fork after which Teloscoin switched to new blockchain settings. Masternode rewards are reduced (halved), and since block 524500 the tiered masternode system started.

After these two weeks, we have received a multiply improved blockchain, stable in all aspects, possessing performance for large domains. These reaches are mainly about the implementation and use in everyday life that we wrote about in the previous article (link).

Transcendence progress for last two weeks

Just in the last few weeks, positive things have happened in the development of most Transcendence projects. The most significant confirmation that the performances of TELOS 2.0 belong to the very top of the masternode coins is the fact that it is at the top of the list (Best performing masternode coin).

These statistics were published by in its article.

Bitcoin Subsidium (XBTX) is finally on the market

Another good news, this time for all Bluebox owners who have opted for their device to mine XBTX. Bitcoin Subsidium is officially listed on Birake Trading Platform and can be traded for TELOS. The movement of its price may now depend on the circumstances of the market. Trade wisely.

Birake exchange XBTX/TELOS

Birake description of Bitcoin Subsidium (XBTX)


TELOS 2.0 announced another version. Version is nothing but TELOS 2.0 with DNS-SEEDER added. The Transcendence development team has taken this step to completely eliminate any problem with wallet synchronization. With this version, your wallet will be up to date with no ‘seconds left’.

What about community?

After switching to the tiered masternode system, all the statistics we tracked on the MNO website ( are no longer accurate and they ask for pay the service to fully apply the statistics to the new circumstances of the tiered masternodes.

At the proposal of several members, community donations were organized to raise funds needed to update statistics on the MNO service. As before, for voting purposes we use

Link for donating:

Transcendence community has high quality membership. For example user Chaosblade323. Using knowledge of PHP and Bash, he made his version of statistics for masternodes — functional dashboard that contains detailed statistics on each masternode category. This web app is very well made.

Teloscoin MN Monitor Beta:

Teloscoin MN Monitor by Chaosblade323

Teloswiki page is updated with new directions according to changes following TELOS 2.0. Bugala made really good job here.


A novelty on the Discord channel is MasternodeBot through which, for the first time, we can check out the status of our masternodes directly by reading blockchain. It gives us important information about the status of our nodes in real time.

Masternode discord bot in action

The Transcendence community has been noticeably expanding. That’s why more “groups” or Discord servers have been created. For example, a Polish group made a Discord server in their native language.

In order to put the pressure off the official Transcendence Discord server, an unofficial (Transcendence community Discord) server was created.

Its main purpose is to communicate with new users and some form of support through answering to all questions. At the same time official Discord server will be mainly for projects and communication related to them.


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