Cryptomages by Transcendence at close beta (In game pictures and showcase)

There are only a few blockchain projects that can be proud of a strong community that is actively involved in development. In this case, many transcendence blockchain members will be involved in translating the popular crypto trading card game Cryptomages, which is very close to the test phase, into different languages.

Let’s start chronologically …

The first phase of Cryptomages development

We wrote about the first phase of Cryptomages game development some time ago. You can find information about the flow of this work at the following link:

Recall that a creative team from Transcendence blockchain has been working on developing and creating Cryptomages, which aims to make this game a favorite with crypto game fans.

Whom do we have to thank for this wonderful game? Besides Pascal Papara, Transcendence blockchain founder and CEO, credits go to a veteran in software and games development Fabio Falcucci known by nickname Allanon.

What’s new about Cryptomages?

This game will be a unique way to trade simply by playing a card game. Players own their virtual goods. The most interesting part of almost every crypto game today is buying and selling the crypto collectibles. That’s why Cryptomages game is developed in the best manner of so-called trading Card Games and combines many activities. You’ll enjoy fights and strategy as much as tactic and trading. Plenty of characters, modes, and possibilities make this game good candidate for your new obsession.

The main fuel for this game is Teloscoin (TELOS) but the developer mentioned the possibility of adding Bitcoin Subsidium (XBTX) based tokens for each CryptoMage Trading card. Tokens you are using for strategy, tactics, and trading will be TELOS/XBTX based, and this is the point where this goes interesting.

Blockchain technology brings some great benefits for trading card players, which means it’s all recorded on the blockchain and each kind of card is clear and provable.

How to play Cryptomages and buy items?

Cryptomages will be a standalone application for Windows, Mac, Linux and probably some other in the future.

After starting the game we will see the loading screen and after it when the game is loaded, login/registration panel.

Loading screen
Login panel screen

Many languages into which the Cryptomages game should have been translated have already been added. Transcendence community members have been working on this translation project. Each will translate into their native language so, we will be able to play Cryptomages in at least 8–10 languages including English.

After logging in or registering on the main screen we will be shown all the options in the game that will be available to us.

Main screen

A store is a place where you can buy items. On the left is the items category while on the right are items with the picture, description, and price of how much TELOS / XBTX costs. When an item is clicked, a popup will appear.

Store screen
Item details

This popup is also the place to buy an item. Clicking ‘buy’ on the screen shows the price and address to which the coins should be sent in order for the item to be purchased (copy/paste will be supported). Below is the field where the TXID of the transaction is to be entered.

Purchase and space for txid

After the verification of the transaction or passing a number of confirmations on the following screen, we will see that the item was successfully purchased.

Item successfully purchased

After this steps you will be able to enjoy in wonderful gameplay.


We are so close to finally try this wonderful crypto trading card game, stay tuned!


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