Directly from Transcendence kitchen, development of GREENBOX, a solution for energy-wasting blockchains

Transcendence can be proud of many devices that have been active for a long time. Recently they’ve been connected to a BLUEPOOL, a large pool that will bring together all Transcendence devices, both present, and future.

What we haven’t analyzed by now is GREENBOX. It seems it’s about time to mention it because we have information on the development of this device which promises a great deal in various fields.


The GREENBOX replaces energy-wasting blockchain solutions like BITCOIN. Based on the blockchain solution each GREENBOX earns regular rewards for the authentication of transactions of the users. These returns, in turn, allow for carbon credits to be obtained, avoiding large amounts of CO2 and, at the same time, offset the yield even for purposes other than GREENBOX.

Note: GREENBOX devices as shown on the images as well as on the site ( are EDU versions of devices that will be donations or gifts to schools.

EDU Greenbox versions (for schools)

GREENBOX Home is what the Transcendence team has been working on in recent days and it is a much larger device than the one shown in the pictures. GREENBOX Home will be based on BLUEBOX PRO device.

What GREENBOX does?

GREENBOX reduces CO2 emission and offers passive income as a stimulation. Greenbox is constructed as a low power mining and masternode hosting device. All devices will be connected to the largest BLUEPOOL.

Greenbox display

We introduce you to a couple of use cases that have been discussed on the official GREENBOX website:

The GREENBOX HOME uses about 570x less power than a BITCOIN Miner. At the same time, the GREENBOX generates a monetary overage, unlike the miner, which causes a loss in Germany.

The GREENBOX thus performs 100% of the function of miners, (ie maintaining a blockchain and the authentication of transactions) and consumes 570x less power.

So we avoid unnecessary CO2.

The GREENBOX HOME can also be used as a PC and attached directly to a monitor via a VESA mount. This is ideal for social projects or schools.
With 7W we avoid unnecessary CO2 here too.

The overage or earnings that the GREENBOX receives from the blockchain will be converted into CO2 allowances. As long as the BOX is running, you compensate for the pollution that we all generate in everyday life.

For businesses, we offer the even more efficient GREENBOX PRO that you can use to offset CO2 for your business.

Development parts:

Keep up with Transcendece social channels and supporting websites to be informed about Greenbox development and release dates. |

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