From Zero to Hero for 1 year! How Teloscoin market beat major coins in last month

It is known that all cryptocurrencies are volatile on the market. This is one of the main features of all crypto coins and is most beneficial for traders who follow the trends of stock exchanges in order to invest and then earn a sale on crypto.

Jumps and falls of prices are frequent. The impact of these changes on the market itself is measurable, so we have the data on the so-called “Market Cap” from the site (, which currently amounts to over $ 200 billion.

CMC values for 22.07.2019.

The other important data is volume for the last 24 hours. It is also measured in billions of dollars at the moment, since in total, this is the whole sum of the crypto-currencies that has been bought and sold according to a value of this parameter, for the last 24 hours.

Teloscoin involved

Each cryptocurrency is supported by a project or several projects (if serious intentions are involved). Developer teams behind each cryptocurrency are trying to make their coin as widely accepted, traded, used in as many different ways as possible in everyday life. This way, coin gets his value.

As the brightest case, we can take Teloscoin (TELOS). Masternode coin, that has a large number of projects behind it, many of whom have been in use for a long time, while many of them have begun or are in the making. It is rare to find a coin that supports the number of projects so many times at once.

Recognized by users, merchants, people from the crypto world, set on various platforms for trade, each coin receives its price, which is often determined by the market.

We know that Bitcoin (BTC) is the main driver of changes in the market of cryptocurrencies, while others, altcoins, mostly follow the changes. The rapid growth of Bitcoin negatively reflects on them, then their price falls due to the fact that people are mainly selling the altcoins they have to buy Bitcoin. It works in the hope that Bitcoin’s price will rise to unexpected borders.

This is exactly what happened in the past month, but not all altcoins followed a negative trend. Teloscoin (TELOS) has shown how to take the maximum from this situation for the value of one altcoin.

Price direction

On June 26, 2019, there was a sharp rise in Bitcoin’s price noticed. That was met with excitement. For just that one day, it rose from $ 11500 to $ 13600. And then the next day it returned to $ 10500 leaving negative consequences for the altcoins. But not on TELOS!!!

BTC not affect TELOS price (26.06.2019.)

The second important date for Teloscoin (TELOS) is July 10, 2019. On that day Bitcoin reached the $ 13,000 for the second time this year, but instead reduced it, which it did with other altcoins, the price of TELOS began to follow this “Up” trend.

TELOS start to rise up (10.07.2019.)

Namely, Teloscoin (TELOS) raised its value in relation to Bitcoin and remained constant after Bitcoin’s return to the previous state.

One of the frequent events in situations like this one from the previous month is:

BTC > price rises; Altcoins > prices fall

BTC > the price drops; Altcoins > prices are recovering

This last claim is the key to our analysis. The price of the altcoins “is recovering” after the correction of Bitcoin, but this recovery is not so fast to return the price of the altcoin from the previous period. In addition to all this turbulent behavior of Bitcoin in this period, the rapid rise in the price of BTC was caused again in July, and thus a new fall in the price of altcoins.

Teloscoin showing respectable value

In the case of Teloscoin, we have a different situation. It behaved as if Bitcoin had no influence on it. TELOS’s price has grown steadily, and with standard volatile on the market has remained at a level that guarantees future growth.

We can say that TELOS has raised its value or price because it in some way “skipped” the changes in the form of high jumps and drops in BTC prices.

This is supported by the confirmation of one Teloscoin trader and his profit analysis for Bitcoin (BTC), Binance coin (BNB) and Teloscoin (TELOS). We see that you can trade TELOS and earn much more profits than with many famous currencies such as BNB.


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