How to earn crypto using only smartphone & investing in Transcendence blockchain

Most people’s dream is to have a relaxed life full of interesting content, travel around the world without stress and gain various experiences. For this to be possible, it is necessary to have the financial stability that can be achieved in various ways.

If we talk about the world of cryptocurrency, the possibilities are enormous. But you don’t have to be an expert in the field, you can use pre-made services that allow you to make money while you are just checking your smartphone balance. Whether you are a digital nomad, a freelancer, or just love to travel around the world, Transcendence products are perfect for you.

Investing in Transcendence blockchain

We have spoken many times about various projects within the Transcendence blockchain. For the sake of reminder, we will say that Transcendence has the largest number of projects in comparison to other masternode blockchains.

This article will be based on the analysis of two, by many, the most attractive projects that you can really enjoy on the beach with a cocktail while checking the balance on your smartphone.

Option 1: Peertoro + Smartphone TELOS wallet = Profit

Peertoro is established masternode hosting service with huge benefit for its customers, lifetime payment option. Detailed about Peertoro read on Article written by Samuli Holopainen.

At the moment, is offering you to buy masternodes at discounted prices, but an increase is expected in the coming period. Two choices are available:

Teloscoin Masternode Bronze hosting (For only 60000 TELOS you get a lifetime hosted 30K Collateral TELOS Masternode. The Reward payout frequency is currently set to 6 days but will change at every payout according to the real Masternode distribution in the Network.)


Peertoro Bronze Masternodes

Teloscoin Masternode Gold hosting (For only 200000 TELOS you get a lifetime hosted 100K Collateral TELOS Masternode. The payout frequency is set to 7 days “fixed”. The Rewards are fixed to 3x 90 TELOS per day for all time.)


Peertoro Gold Masternodes

After calculating which package suits you best and how many masternodes you want to buy, you simply install the TELOS smartphone application (wallet) and receive payments wherever you are in the world.TELOS Wallet – Apps on Google PlayEveryone First release of the TELOS lightwallet.Spend and Receive TELOS on the go- QR-Scan- Export / Import keys…

Option 2: Bluebox + Smartphone Bitcoin Subsidium (XBTX) wallet = Profit

Bluebox is designed as a POS device, which means it is able to host masternodes, “mine” coins using OpenCL as one version of POW or Proof Of Computing but also uses Proof Of Storage with additional hard drives. Bluebox is the only universal device capable of carrying out multiple operations in order to acquire cryptocurrencies that can be found on the market, by now. Detailed about Bluebox device and Bitcoin Subsidium (XBTX) read in this article.

A Bluebox device can own XBXT and host TELOS masternodes. You do not have to have the device with you, but you can take it as a “collocation”. This is a particularly convenient option because you practically have a device that works while checking your balance through the smartphone wallet app, as in the previous case.

Bluebox is also available in several versions (Bluebox, Bluebox gold, Bluebox rental and Bluebox Bulk).


Bluebox offers

About Bluebox rental: There is а offer with 5 Blueboxes as a package which you can buy in 15 rates. The boxes stay in colocation and you get once a month invoices about the next rate which equals 1/12 the price but has to be paid in 15 months. Until the last rate is paid, the Bluebox will be kept in colocation. After that, you can request free worldwide shipping or keep them for free in colocation.

After deciding which Bluebox meets your requirements, install the Bitcoin Subsidium (XBTX) wallet on your smartphone and receive payments wherever you are in the world.

Android wallet:

XBTX Android wallet

Option 3: Combo of all

It is possible to use all of the above at once and create a profitable plan with the services offered by the Transcendence blockchain.

  • Order Peertoro masternodes
  • Order or rent a Bluebox
  • Install the TELOS wallet on your smartphone
  • Install Bitcoin Subsidium (XBTX) wallet on your smartphone
  • Earn cryptocurrency while traveling the world


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