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How many times have you gone crazy knowing that Youtube bans most videos with firearms or some videos of cryptocurrencies? If these are your niches, has the solution for you.

What is

GunsRus is a Youtube alternative created by firearms enthusiasts in order to educate visitors through the medium of security videos, display rare weapons documentation and much other content related to firearms.

On, legal arms dealers, manufacturers and organizations, national groups and associations can promote their products and services and also advertise.

“Bitcoin related” category VS Cryptocurrency

Similar to Youtube, users of the platform can earn through their channels from reviews, clicks and followers.

A few days ago, opened a “Bitcoin-related” category where cryptocurrency videos can be uploaded, and exactly this news will interest greater part of content creators to win valuable prizes. valuable prizes for content creators

A few days ago, expanded its video categories by adding a “Bitcoin-related” category. This means that from now on, not only gun lovers, legal arms dealers, manufacturers and organizations, groups and associations, but also crypto enthusiasts can upload their videos.

Simple Sign up on

Valuable prizes are provided on a weekly and monthly basis.

  • Once a week, the video with the highest number of views will receive the highest rated masternode (tier) 100k Telos on the ( masternode hosting platform.
  • Once a month, every uploader has a chance to win Bluebox gold ( Winner will be picked by random among all uploaders.

You can promote your crypto projects, analysis, considerations and opinions on various cryptocurrencies. Upload your crypto-related videos and enjoy more freedom.

You can reuse your Youtube video clips with easy.

Starting September 1st, monitoring of the review of all videos on will begin, and on September 7th, the highest-rated video of the week will be announced, receiving a weekly award (100k Telos Peerotoro masternode).

You can read about prizes on TelosNews too:

John McAfee’s interest in platform

Popular John McAfee, the creator of the well-known McAfee antivirus, crypto investor and presidential candidate in 2020, has expressed interest in the platform after receiving a ban on Youtube.

Transcendence Blockchain founder Pascal Papara responded to John and offered as an option where John would be free to post his videos.

After that, in a private message, John contacted Pascal saying that he would be contacted about the platform.


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