Strong fundamentals and use cases as Key for TELOS constant growth rate

Blockchain is still a relatively new, powerful technology with massive potential. Every day, the number of new cryptocurrencies increases. Apart from the well-known players already present in the crypto world, it is difficult to recognize which of the new cryptocurrencies is a really serious project especially when we consider their broad numbers. However, there is a way.

Good Business Fundamentals Are Still the Key

A basic fact of business, which many people miss or forget is that fundamentals are key to the successful development of a blockchain project.

What distinguishes a successful crypto coin from one that goes to zero? Although luck and time are a factor, as in other aspects of life, in a case of cryptocurrencies the key is in strong basics and in particular projects (use cases).

The most striking example is the Transcendence blockchain, just over a year old, which now has, in addition to TELOS, a complimentary coin (Bitcoin Subsidium XBTX).

Basic introduction

TELOS is a POS (Proof Of Stake) coin supported by a network of over 1400 nodes in a tiered system. It is listed in several markets where it is traded and generates solid volume on a daily basis.

Recent markets:

In a few days, TELOS will be on the WhiteBit market list. This is a sign that indicates an upward trajectory since the coin will be on the list of one of the top 100 markets. This trend is expected to continue over time and will result in listings in the largest markets.

Price, Market cap, Volume

Let’s take a look at historical charts. They can answer questions about how the cryptocurrency trend has been moving over a period of time.

TELOS growth shown on CMC cap graph (1.03.2019. — now)
TELOS growth rate

If we compare the TELOS chart to any cryptocurrency in the top 100, we will notice that, unlike TELOS, most of them have a chart that does not end in an ascending path.

What causes such a positive and upward movement in the market? As mentioned above, good basics and use cases that would be attractive not only to people in the crypto world but also to ordinary people who will use these products and services in their daily lives, for example like in the case with Transcendence blockchain, as a cash-back people may get TELOS and thus acquaint and connect themselves with cryptocurrencies.

What use cases have directed TELOS towards the moon?

In previous articles, we wrote that Transcendence blockchain has over 20 projects. A large number of them have been in active use for a long time while some are still in the development phase waiting for their moment.

That’s not all, as Transcendence blockchain is simultaneously working on new ideas. Some of them have already been adopted as projects that will see the light of a day like xMINER and GreenBox.

Certainly, when talking about the period behind us, the most attention was drawn to BLUEBOX, PEERTORO, PIGGYBANK, KRYPTOBAY, Bitcoin Subsidium XBTX, GunsRus.Tv.

Transcendence blockchain — most use cases

All the above projects are active and in use. The number of users is highest with Bluebox, Peertoro, Piggybank, XBTX, which indicates quite big interest in these projects.

Additional fuel to the moon

The last three projects have generated incredible interest after just one presentation. Transcendence crowd has been working on them for a while and projects will be available soon, one after another.

BLUEPHONE caused the most attention. New stages and challenges are being set before blockchain developers who bring us innovations, so in the very near future, everything regarding cryptocurrency will simply be in our pocket.

BLUEPHONE is a smartphone that will have AEROS-OS in addition to Android, and it will provide a variety of actions such as hosting nodes, CPU / GPU mining, crypto wallets installed. More about BLUEPHONE at: link.


GreenBox is a very interesting project. In fact, it is a miner that has 100% utilization as a Bitcoin miner, supports blockchain and transacts but uses even 570 times less electricity. Designed to reduce CO2 emissions and have top results. There is huge attention to this product, already.

GREENBOX — CO2 reduction

xMINER, an attractive all-in-one gadget with great performances, miner, and computer in one. While you have control over the resources that mine cryptocurrencies and you control their consumption, use it as a computer for everyday needs.


The described projects within the Transcendence blockchain represent just what is fundamental in the development of one cryptocurrency. The key that can surely ensure success and constant positive growth are good fundamentals and attention-grabbing use cases.


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