Strong indicators of new stable price as basis for future TELOSCOIN growth

If you are engaged in cryptocurrencies and actively use Twitter, do you tweet and leave comments? In addition to following real-time crypto trends, some twit can also be an inspiration and motivation for certain ventures.

This is how this article got its headline after my own tweet had inspired me to write.

Where is Teloscoin going?

As you can see from the tweet: to the moon, most likely, which is the goal!

We have also analyzed the previous price movements of Teloscoin with the help of various tools used by traders. Looking at the chart as a place to read the parameters of Market Cap, the price of USD and BTC, the volatile market, we have found that Teloscoin has had periods of ups and downs, short periods of stagnation and effective stages of value growth since its inception.

First-year growth

Back in July, we announced that Teloscoin had resisted a Bitcoin rush that reached $ 13,000 at the time. Teloscoin remained at the level it had been before the start of Bull’s rise of Bitcoin, which most cryptocurrencies did not endure and their values have fallen dramatically.

After Bitcoin had “decided” not to hold its position at 13000USD and return to 8000USD, altcoins stopped falling and entered a stable phase, but then TELOS registered an increase in its value, literally “bypassing” current price movements in favor of its own values.

More about this can be read in the text of July 22, 2019:

How the hard work paid off?

About 40 use cases are associated with transcendence by blockchain. Those related to Proof Of Stake and Proof Of Work have been in use for a long time or are close to being released on some devices.

PEERTORO (Masternode hosting platform) and BLUEBOX (Universal POS / POW device) have been in use for months, while devices like xMINER (Powerful miner and PC in one), BLUEPHONE and GREENBOX will be released in the coming months.

At the same time, the Transcendence team is working on all the other numerous projects, of which BITDORADO is the biggest consideration. It will be the real exchange platform of Transcendence Blockchain and its coins Teloscoins (TELOS) and Bitcoin Subsidium (XBTX).

Hard work and tremendous engagement must produce positive results. Teloscoin has progressed in all parameters in the last month.

The picture we see today

Teloscoin (TELOS) naturally made the leap and increased all the parameters we follow when analyzing. First of all, advancing to over 200 positions in the CoinMarketCap list where it is now ranked as 830. Market Cap over $ 1.2 million which is nearly 140 BTC at the moment. Daily volume approximately $ 5,000. And one cent price, $ 0.01.

Overall Teloscoin chart today
3 month and 1 month chart

The Teloscoin growth rate, which we have mentioned, is pushing the boundaries every day. This upward trajectory that reflects natural growth will not be stopped as important projects come to the stage in this period. This is a message for all potential investors, traders, and others that it is not too late to hop into Telos Starship.


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