T-3 days! Happy Birthday TELOS! Insight analysis of Transcendence blockchain

Are you excited? Do you feel a little nervous due to changes that follow? Do you know that we have noticed this on the Transcendence blockchain?

Greetings to everyone, this time we will do the Transcendence blockchain analysis just 3 days before the changes we all expect and of course first birthday of Teloscoin.

Short review:

Recently, more precisely on 1.07.2019., a community voting on the changes envisioned for the Transcendence blockchain and Teloscoin (TELOS) was completed.

18.07.2019. will be one year since the creation of Transcendence blockchain and Teloscoin. Community votes decided, that on that very day, at its first birthday, Teloscoin (TELOS) should be categorized (tiered) as follows:

TIER 1 = 1000 TELOS
TIER 2 = 3000 TELOS
TIER 3 = 10000 TELOS
TIER 4 = 30000 TELOS
TIER 5 = 100000 TELOS

For all details related to the categorization, parameters and distributions related to it, read on the following link:

What is happening on the Transcendence blockchain?


In the future, we believe that each blockchain will be connected with AI, so we can also communicate with it. Although this is still not the case, the parameters in the network reflect the status of blockchain, depending on the actions of the community, that is, mainly the owners of the nodes.

As Teloscoin (TELOS) was Number 1. by the number of nodes in the network, the statistics we track on the MNO (masternodes.online) site could not always display the exact status of the network of over 12 000 mastersnodes. This number was subject to change because as the time goes a new nodes was installed while some were extinguished.

Recent masternode status overview (Source MNO)

Today we can see a reduction in the number of masternodes that indicates that many owners of nodes are already preparing for the July changes and the beginning of a tiered system at Teloscoin.

Recent masternode status overview (Source MNO)

At the moment, when the number of nodes in the network dropped, other values also changed, above all ROI and Average Reward Frequency. However, how the changes in the blockchain of these values are coming at this time should be neglected and based on the period that will come from 18.07.2019.


The fact that serious investors preparations are ongoing, we can tell according to Teloscoin (Telos) price on the market, as well as according to data on purchases and sales. The first thing we noticed is that the amount of sales for sale fell, indicating HODL, that is, people started to store TELOS in their wallets, waiting for changes.

Also, the price has increased thanks to new investors who bought larger quantities of Teloscoin.

Strong trendlines on Graviex and Soutxchange (TELOS)

TELOS 2.0 test progress

A few days ago we received the announcement from which we see that everything is perfectly allright regarding TELOS 2.0.

TELOS 2.0 dev diary:

1.Masternode tier system has been integrated; manual testing has been conducted on the local workstation. Now nodes with 1k, 3k, 10k, 30k or 100k coins can become mastenodes.

2.A new algorithm of reward distribution between tiers has been implemented as well. We covered new logic with unit tests.

3.We changed magic bytes for internal messages. The changes have been tested manually on the local machine.

So far we’ve almost completed with implementation; next step is to verify all our changes. Now we are setting up the network; it will include several mastenodes on several computers.

Discord Announcement screenshot

From this moment on, we are waiting for the launch.

Happy Birthday!!! Long live TELOS!!!

Source: https://medium.com/transcendence-blockchain/t-3-days-happy-birthday-telos-insight-analysis-of-transcendence-blockchain-7dd70e049ef1

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