Teloscoin made, rarely seen, both side adoption!

Each cryptocurrency project is in some way connected with other cryptocurrencies. It is affiliated in markets where it is traded in pairs. There are instances where you can trade some crypto coin for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, sometimes Dash, as well as for fiat currencies (USD, EUR …).

However, when we say acceptance and adaptation, we think of the concrete application of cryptocurrencies in everyday life through payment and use in places where we use the fiat currency.

Also, in the broader sense, adoption can be seen as cooperation between cryptocurrencies that is, the cooperation of two project teams for better efficiency and mutual benefit.

Teloscoin adoption in everyday life

Teloscoin (TELOS) has never been never so close to achieving both things. In the past period, the Transcendence blockchain team has been actively working on the introduction of TELOS as a payment method in many places.

There is already an agreement with a renowned firm for sweets “Aeguana” which will have TELOS as one of the possibilities of payment.

Not only that, but users of these devices, if they pay by fiat currency, can get(cash-back) TELOS, which they will later use as they wish.

Transcendence blockchain founder Pascal Papara mentioned several times about progress of this implementation.

August 2019. was scheduled as the date when this plan will be implemented. With TELOS Transcendence team announced the implementation of its complementary Bitcoin Subsidium coin (XBTX) in the mentioned vending machines.

With the arrival of TELOS 2.0, the road to an extremely stable and fast blockchain and entire network has opened up; with seed nodes already in use, users of Android and iOS devices will be able to use TELOS mobile wallets and thus they can use vending machines very easy.

This is an example of one of the Transcendence adaptation projects of the use of TELOS in everyday life that is closest to the final realization because we are less than a month away from it.

But there is more!

Teloscoin & other cryptocurrencies

Why we praise Teloscoin for good cooperation with other cryptocurrencies? is a well-known masternode hosting service that besides TELOS masternodes also offers Birake and PIVX.

Bluebox (, besides TELOS, has the option of modifying the Bitcoin Subsidium (XBTX), and in the subsequent phases a proof of storage will be implemented for other coins that do not come from the Transcendence blockchain.

As the largest example of cooperation, we are referring to the merging of Pegasus coin and Transcendence blockchain. Namely, Pegasus was a coin with the development team that has a very good VPS service behind it. Their server offer includes different user requirements at a reasonable price.

The deal between the Pegasus and the Transcendence team has already been realized. Everyone who owned the Peg coin got TELOS in a certain relationship, Pegasus is swapped with Telos, and has become the official VPS hosting supported by Transcendence blockchain and Teloscoin.

We will present more examples of Teloscoin’s adaptations:

OreCoinGames — Online Casino accept TELOS:

Crypto Treasures game — you can collect Teloscoins for free playing Crypto Treasures (

Trittium — Cold Nodes Hosting solution accept TELOS

Pecunia — Masternode Hosting services accept TELOS

Apollon network — Node builder who accept TELOS too

…and many others.


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