Transcendence report — Bluepool, Telos cashback, XBTX website, crypto games and more

Anyone who frequently follows the events related to the Transcendence blockchain has an insight into the load of activities that Transcendence team members perform on a daily basis. The blockchain itself, if the team behind it has serious intentions, reaches new tops in the development phase as time passes. More progress is being made with new developments, which is why the Transcendence team has been quite busy lately.

We have the opportunity to follow all the news on two Discord channels, official and community. The Community Discord is open to all questions and you can access it through the following link:

A new thing is the opening of the Transcendence Telegram chat room where people using this form of communication can come and be informed of all the details. Telegram link:


As we wrote earlier BLUEPOOL is a mining pool for all Transcendence devices, Bluebox, xMINER, Bluephone … Finally, BLUEPOOL is active and the first payments to Bluebox users have already started since they were connected to Bluepool.

Delion exchange added Teloscoin

Delion coin has made its own decentralized exchange platform DelionDEX. Teloscoin can now be exchanged on this platform as well.

Bitcoin Subsidium (XBTX) website

It was to be expected that a respectable coin such as XBTX had a website. That’s what happened. is the official website for XBTX where you can find all the important information about this coin, wallets, markets, pool …

Good news for Crypto Gamers

Cryptomages is in an advanced test phase, which means that the final ‘product’ is near release. However, in combination with other crypto games, Transcendence has decided to simultaneously work on the Cryptogamerz platform (, which will host tournaments of many games and will give TELOSCOIN and XBTX as major prizes.




The decision on the ultimate Bluephone is very close, the decision on its price, also. In Pascal’s words, we will be informed about all of this very quickly.

Black Friday, Christmas? Nah, Transcendence have a real discount offers 30% cashback for all products payed with Telos. Just choose product, take the latest Teloscoin price from CoinMarketCap, send Teloscoins equivalent to the final price at checkout. You will get 30% cashback in Teloscoins.

Complete offer at:

That is not all, makes an offer of 10 versions of BLUEPOOL Mining contracts. Lifetime mining contract for the Bluepool where 50Kh/s is the maximum value.

Offer and details:

Hashrate versions on

Results of hard work

A chart of the last day of November gave us confirmation of Transcendence hard work. Evaluate yourself…

Stats: Coingecko, Graviex, Southxchange, Crex24


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